Saturday, March 21, 2009

3 Weeks until Easter

The planning continues. After the initial influx of planning meetings, things have settled a bit, people know their responsibilities, and meetings are progressing at a quicker pace. Amen, thanks be to God for that!
Every 10 days or so the mission planning team meets to discuss how the prep work is going. We now have a mission schedule, which includes two hours of evangelization every day, time for silent and group prayer, homeless outreach, a one-day youth retreat, a Living Stations of the Cross through the neighborhood, adoration in the Garden with Jesus Thursday night, and a rocking praise session after the Vigil. What a time it will be. I anxiously await the Triduum because I want to see how it will all turn out.
Well, it's time to head home after a good evening of planning the Stations and practicing Triduum music so I must go. Soon I will post some pictures. That way you have something fun to look at instead of all this typing.
Pray for us! As well as everything is progressing, the team is very aware of how the devil is trying to discourage us. The ESM reunion that I wrote about last time, I think, has been cancelled so we are looking for a few good external missionaries to sign up at the last minute. Host families and food provided...

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